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Baby Sleep Consultants

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Baby Sleep Consulting

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Hi, I'm Diane!

I help parents sleep train their children and have calm, stress-free bedtimes

I'm a Pediatric Sleep Specialist and Certified Holistic Science of Sleep™ Consultant, who is passionate about having a good night's sleep.

Sleep allows children to be rested, focused, and happy. It is as instrumental in their well-being as the food they eat and how they move and exercise.

The Baby Sleep Academy grew from the need of families, just like yours, who need help but are looking for a self-guided solution.  The course is pack full of advice, guidance, resources, video explanations, and more.

I am excited and look forward to the opportunity to help you and your family!

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Get The Goods

Healthy Sleep Habits for your Baby’s First Year + Nursery Checklist!

Realistic expectations for your baby’s sleep at every age!
Valuable sleep tips you need to know for sleep success.
Plus, receive the most overlooked and important sleep tip that I have ONLY shared with my clients.



I can not express how much I value her services and the impact she’s had on our son's sleep and overall well-being and truthfully ours too because we have been getting a full night's sleep consistently.

From the first time I spoke with Diane, I knew that hiring her was the right and best decision for us as a family.

- Katie, Mom of William


Some babies' sleep resolves on their own eventually, but sometimes you might just need a little help. Diane is worth every penny and then some. I wish every new parent could have her life-changing help as we did.

- Jess


With the recommendations from Diane, and being accountable through my sleep log, I am now able to sleep through the night! This has resulted in waking up feeling refreshed and having more energy throughout the day for my family and my job. Prior to meeting with Diane, I did not put myself as a priority, sleep or otherwise.

The sleep coaching with Diane helped me make big changes in my life.

- Monique, Adult Sleep Client

Want To See If We're The Right Fit?

CTV Interview

Diane stops by CTV to talk about Sleep Fads vs. Sleep Facts!

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