3 Best Sleep Tips for Baby During the Holidays

Wondering if you can enjoy the holiday gatherings and travel while maintaining healthy sleep for your baby? You can do both with these three best sleep tips in mind!


  1. Be flexible. A predictable sleep schedule can be challenging to part with. Here are some ways that you can consider becoming more flexible during holiday time:
    • Have a nap on the go in the car or stroller or bring a pack and play to a holiday gathering.
    • If your baby stays up a bit later one evening, plan for an earlier nap the next day.
    • If your baby will not nap in a new environment, let him sleep in your arms. Provided this does not become a daily habit, you will both enjoy the extra cuddle time.
  1. Routines are important. Sleep routines help to cue your baby’s mind and body to relax and enable him to prepare more easily for sleep. Bring a sound machine, sleep sack, and favourite story book when planning to sleep away from home.
  1. Plan some rest days. Prepare your holiday calendar in advance. Say yes to the celebrations that matter most and plan some rest days too as too many disruptions can cause a sleep regression. Maintaining regular naps and bedtimes will keep healthy sleep for your baby and your family on track!

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