How are you? Busy. That’s life though, right? Does this sound like you? Maybe someone you know? I would bet that many people that you ran into in December said this to you. In fact, there are many people say this on a daily basis. What if I told you that we had the most

The Christmas season is here! Many of us already have a full calendar between parties, activities, shopping, travel and endless to-do lists. All of this can bring a lot of mixed emotions of excitement, joy, as well as overwhelm, busyness and exhaustion with trying to fit it all in – a tall order for most

Many moms would agree that life with a toddler and a baby can feel challenging. It can often be a non-stop roller coaster ride between breakfast and bedtime. Here are my tips for making the jugging act easier for everyone! Ask for help Many moms have a challenging time doing this. Recognize that it is

It’s Time To Fall Back!

Daylight savings time is coming up this weekend! I get a TON of questions asking for the best way to handle daylight savings time and children’s sleep. So what is the best way to handle it? My advice is to “split the difference.” For “Fall Back,” my recommendation to all parents is just to leave

Better Sleep in Ottawa

Every day I have the privilege of working with families to have better sleep not only for their children but for their entire family. I recently worked with a lovely family who was battling sleep deprivation with both their one year old daughter, as well as their six year old son. There is help as

Go To Bed Already!

As you approach the end of September, it is normal to feel tired! It has been close to a month since your summer holiday season has ended. There are new routines that have begun since Labour Day, with the beginning of extracurricular activities, back-to-school and day-care. Fall is the time that you might be craving

With the last long weekend of summer coming soon, the countdown is on for back-to-school! To ensure that our children feel rested and at their best when the bell rings on the first day, it is important to make sure that they are receiving the proper amount of good quality sleep. If summer time took

Who doesn’t love summer with barbecues, the beach and holidays?? There is so much to enjoy and look forward to. But with little ones who thrive on sleep routines, it can really throw a wrench into those carefree summer days. Who wants to mess with nap times or bedtime? Certainly not this Sleep Consultant or

“Suddenly my child is waking several times a night?” “My baby has started protesting at bedtime!” “He looks tired but he refuses to nap now.” Sound familiar? Do you have a child that used to sleep perfectly, but for reasons unknown to you he seems to have hit the 4 month, or 18 month or

My passion for sleep began once I became a mom. When my daughter was born, she began sleeping through the night at 10 weeks of age. When I say “sleep through the night” I mean that she slept for 11 + hours without crying-it-out. We worked diligently on her sleep routines, and she caught on

Time to go back to work already?! In Canada, we are fortunate to be able to stay home with our children for a full year. I know that I certainly felt privileged to be on maternity leave with both of my children during that time. There are many changes happening to babies that first year,

Already? It always feels like we just changed the clocks. This is not such a big deal prior to having children, but it certainly becomes stressful when parents have to adjust their little ones to a “new time”. This is especially true if they have just gotten on track with sleep. Losing one hour means

The snow is on its way out (hopefully!) and perhaps you are planning a family getaway! Feeling a bit nervous about it all? I get it. We are planning two days away with our two and five year-olds and I can’t wait, but there are a few things that I know need to be in

Do you ever feel like your home circulates between one virus after the other? Having young children can leave parents and little ones battling any combination of sore throats, stomach bugs and the sniffles. Sleep is such a powerful tool with amazing immune boosting benefits which is why it is important to optimize sleep as much as possible

Sleep Guide & Giveaway!

Here it is! The Sound Of Sleep Christmas Sleep Guide! I have created a Sleep Guide – just for you – so that you can help your little one sleep a little more soundly as we approach 2017. This guide is a mix of my favourite products and must-do sleep strategies for any child. By the way there

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