The Sound of Sleep Philosophy

Steps to improving your child’s sleep


I will provide families with information about why sleep is so important for their child’s well-being, giving parents all the motivation they need to make changes to their child’s sleep habits.


I will formulate and guide parents through an easy to follow, step-by-step plan that lets them make some choices about the right approach for their own child. All parents know their little ones better than anyone else, and I encourage parents to use this knowledge to customize a sleep plan that will work best for their son or daughter.


I will let parents know what to expect along the way and how to measure success. No, twelve uninterrupted hours of sleep shouldn’t be expected on the first night – although it does happen!


After you have implemented the Sound of Sleep Guide, you will finally have a rested and happy child. YOU will also enjoy getting more sleep since a sleeping child is a sleeping parent!

A little note about the “crying” question

Crying is your child’s way of protesting change, and you can expect that making changes to their sleep habits will result in some protest. Please understand that I will never ask you to leave your child to cry alone or to ignore their cries. The reason that the sleep plan is so effective is that we work together to develop a plan that you are comfortable with, based on what you know and share with me about your child.

If you have any questions at all about the sleep philosophy behind the Sound of Sleep Program, please feel free to contact me and I would be more than happy to discuss it with you.


Diane's plan took all the guesswork out, and the results were easy to see on the sleep logs that the plan was working. All I can say is that having a baby who can sleep independently is pretty much life-changing. I have time in the evening for my other two children, my husband, and yes even some for myself!

- Crystal

Truly Magical

In very little time my little guy was sleeping through the night and napping without the need to be rocked. It was truly magical. I am forever grateful.

- Tracey

Complete Turn Around

Success!! We have gone from sleeping in the bed with our daughter and multiple night wakings to putting her down to sleep with a kiss and a hug and sleeping the whole night through.

- Barb & Steve

Want To See If We're The Right Fit?


Holistic Science of Sleep Method™ for Teens & Adults

The Holistic Science of Sleep Method™ was established by Mar Oscategui, Founder of the International Maternity and Parenting Institute. This method factors both a holistic approach and scientific methods to resolve sleep challenges. It addresses all areas of a person’s life that can impact sleep such as physical, mental, emotional, social, cultural, and environmental. By looking at each of these areas, this method enables the individual to resolve their sleep challenges over time, allowing them to form positive new habits that will lead to successful and improved sleep for life. When a family commits to the program, I take it very seriously because they are trusting me to provide them with the best solution to their child’s sleep needs. In turn, I will provide clear and professional advice and commit to work with the family to ensure success!