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In a moment of desperation and unravelling, we reached out to Diane at Sound of Sleep Consulting. Our 14 week old son was waking multiple times in the night and having all his naps on us. The night before we contacted Diane, our son woke 8 times in the night and each time required our assistance to get back to sleep. Diane responded to our request for help within the hour and we started sleep training that same week. We purchased the Sleep Time - VIP One Month Private Package and it was money well spent! Our son now sleeps 12 hours at night in his crib, typically waking only once for a feed (our choice) and all of his naps are now in his crib. We put him down awake and he puts himself to sleep, normally within just a few minutes. The transformation for our family has been incredible! We are all sleeping better now and have the energy to enjoy our son’s awake time. We could not have made this change without Diane's guidance and we're so thankful for her support.

A rested Mom

Sleep and bedtime had me feeling like a prisoner in my own home. If friends came over, I would miss at least half an hour to an hour of socializing with them to put my son to bed, I’d have to ask them to leave if he woke up so he could come to my bed (he always needed me right beside him). I knew this wasn’t okay but I kept telling myself he won’t sleep with me forever..pushing away the ideas of actually having to face that time and how to tackle it. When my second son was born and started having troubles sleeping - I knew it was time to seek help, I knew it was time to call Diane. I had heard amazing things from a friend of mine and the idea of reaching out was lingering in my mind for some time. My oldest son would freak out if I didn’t sit in his room until he was asleep, only to wake up and scream for me to bring him in my bed - nightly. It was one thing when it was just him and we managed this for a little over a year (creating some really unhealthy sleep habits that I thought would take forever to break) but adding another baby with sleep troubles just meant even less sleep for me and also gave me fear that it would further interrupt my oldest sons sleep. I was right. Sleep for me was basically non existent, I remember Diane asking me how I was even functioning on such little sleep. So there I was with a 5 month old who was waking every 2 hours and a 2 year old that would toss and turn keeping me awake when I did finally get to lay down. We started our journey with Diane who gave my children and myself her absolute ALL. She made me feel like I was her only client, like I was a friend when she would check in on how the boys were and then would say “but how are YOU?”. I felt such a strong connection and such strong support from Diane from the second I reached out until our last day. She provided my boys with their own sleep plans and also taught me how to help them with their sleep skills. I still can’t believe how far both boys have come. I am finally back to a point where I look forward to bedtime. I no longer have anxiety wondering what kind of night we would all have. After a lot of hard work put in by everyone - we all have a routine that allows for a predictable night. Our investment in having Diane work with us was by far the best gift I’ve ever given my family and myself. Thank you so much for giving me back a time where I can relax after the kids are in bed. Thank you for giving me my bed back! Thank you for helping us all find our way back to nights that meant when you hit the pillow you wouldn’t wake up until it was actually morning. Thank you for all of your hard work and support.


We started talking with Diane when our son was only 8 weeks old and would primarily only nap on my chest and was in our room for night time. Our son was a loud and noisy sleeper so I wasn’t getting that much sleep and knew that what was best for us as a family was moving him to his own room and I wanted to nip any bad sleep habits in the bud. From the first time I spoke with Diane I knew that hiring her was the right and best decision for us as a family. Our son is now almost 6 months old and we have completed the newborn package and are currently using the 3-month support package. I can not express how much I value her services and the impact she’s had on our sons sleep and overall well-being and truthfully ours too because we have been getting a full nights sleep consistently since he was about 13/14 weeks old. She is professional, responsive, caring and understanding. As we now navigate through the typical challenges in his first year (developmental leaps, teething, nap transitions), I feel confident knowing the skills Diane has given us with carry us through it all! I recommend her to everyone I can! Yes, sleep training is hard and takes commitment, but is 100% worth it. Thank you, Diane.

Katie, Mom of William

We are so happy with the results of the sleep training program Diane created for us. At 4 months old our baby girl was waking up 3-5 times a night, daytime naps were starting to regress and our feeding felt constant. She was getting increasingly fussy as a result of lack of sleep. She would only fall asleep nursing or being held and rocked. We were both exhausted and frustrated with the on demand schedule. The sleep training worked so well for us. It was so much more than just teaching her to sleep. Jolene learned self soothing skills that make sleep, car rides and walks smooth and it helped her get in a predictable routine. It has completely changed our life! We have a predictable sleep, feed and play routine throughout the day and a set bedtime and wake time. Which means outings, activities, cooking, cleaning, self care and exercise are now easily integrated into our daily lives. Diane was amazing to work with and a great support. Having a coach tell me exactly what to do and how and when to do it reduced all my anxiety and fear about feeding and sleeping and taught me a lot of skills and resources to continue to help her cope as she grows. Having someone on call for weeks to answer questions was much easier than searching through books and online. Now our girl is always happy, she is exceeding all of her milestones and we have our lives back. This was the best investment we could have made and I recommend this for everyone. Thanks for everything Diane!

Julia, Mom of Jolene, 4 months

We got help from Diane when our son hit the common 4 month regression. She walked us through a gentle program that we were comfortable with. To this day (15 months old) he loves his sleep. Some babies' sleep resolves on it's own eventually, but sometimes you might just need a little help. Diane is worth every penny and then some. I wish every new parent could have her life changing help as we did.


Diane saved our lives. She’s the greatest and had my son sleeping through the night within 2 days. Her method is very easy to follow and adapted to our family. The follow up calls where great and she was always open to answer our questions and doubts. My little man is now very rested during the day and I am in a better mood now that I have my sleep back. Thank you Diane.

Diane R

We have used Sound of Sleep Consulting for both of our children. After having incredible success with my son when he was 7 months old (he is 3 now and an amazing sleeper), there was no doubt in my mind to reach out to Diane again when my daughter was 4 months old and not sleeping. While I thought I was an “expert” after having already gone through sleep training 2 years ago, life got busy and bad sleep habits started forming and I was at a loss on how to break them. With my husband gone for an extended period of time for work the busyness of a toddler and a newborn that didn’t sleep (or would only sleep in my bed) was exhausting. Diane was so encouraging and helpful. Her strategies are easy to implement and she walks along side of you every step of the way. My little girl is now falling asleep on her own, napping regularly and only waking once at night to eat and then falling right back to sleep afterwards. No more rocking for hours, no more holding her to sleep at 4 in the morning, no more feeding her a million times a night in hopes it will help her sleep, no more exhaustion. The change in all of us has been amazing. I feel like a more present mom to my toddler, the baby’s giggles and smiles have come back because she’s no longer exhausted and we are all generally happier and more well rested. Thank you Diane for all of your help and giving us ourselves back!


I can’t thank Diane at Sound Of Sleep enough for helping to give both of my babies the skills and gift of better sleep. Diane explains step by step, makes sure you feel comfortable with the methods used and answers any and all questions and concerns with such compassion and professionalism. I always recommend her to any friend having sleep issues with their children. I knew when I was struggling with my second baby’s sleep habits that I wanted to use her support again and I am very thankful that I did. This is my happy and healthy baby after a very restful night and sleeping on her own safely in her crib.

A Rested Parent

Thank you Diane for all of your hard work and knowledge with helping improve my sleep!I highly recommend Diane as an Adult Sleep Consultant. Diane worked with me to tailor a sleep program that was manageable and addressed each of my sleep issues. I really appreciated her weekly telephone consultations with me - to see what was going well; what things to work on; and which changes to make. She was very attentive and I never felt rushed during the consultations.I found it very helpful to make sleep, and a specific sleep schedule, a vital part of my routine. Prior to working with Diane, I would go to bed too late; vary my bedtime drastically; and would wake up 5-6 times per night! With the recommendations from Diane, and being accountable through my sleep log, I am now able to sleep through the night! This has resulted in waking up feeling refreshed and having more energy throughout the day for my family and my job. Prior to meeting with Diane, I did not put myself as a priority, sleep or otherwise. The sleep coaching with Diane helped me make big changes in my life. Many thanks Diane!

Monique, 46 years old

Diane has been a wonderful help in getting my sleeping back under control. For the past few years I have been dealing with constant awakenings, this makes for long and dreadful nights. With Diane’s help and guidance I was able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep without any or very few awakenings in the night. Diane was always very supportive and invested in helping me find a positive change in my sleeping habits.

Justin, 25 years old

I used to be a great sleeper.  But since having kids, I have become a terrible sleeper.  I tried regaining my sleeping skills on my own and thought that I was being consistent but it took working with Diane to show me the good habits I needed to gain and what bad habits to lose.  Through her gentle but persistent support, I have once again become a consistent, resilient sleeper.

Brien, 46 years old

As our baby approached four months and naps in her crib were nearly non-existant, I finally admitted I needed help. The only way I could get her to bed was by nursing and the only naps we could count on were in my arms or in the car. Every day felt like a battle; I was spending so much time just trying to get her to take a nap. Working with Diane was the best decision! In just two short weeks, my girl can now go to bed awake and put herself to sleep, sleep through the night, and take three naps a day in her crib! I’m absolutely amazed and so happy I asked for help. Diane was incredibly supportive and was always available when I had a question. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any mom or dad looking to get their little one’s sleep sorted out. A happy, rested baby is more than worth the investment!

Lori, James and baby Reagan (4 months old)

Just want to say it was amazing working with you. I have recommended you to many other moms. It was wonderful experience and I am So So happy with your easy to follow steps and the process was so supportive, resourceful and I learned so so much. I loved how we had constant communication and access to help and ability to ask questions whenever and any time knowing I’d get a quick and detailed response. Americo is getting the much needed sleep to be happy and develop to his full potential and myself and my husband have more rest and energy. It has been life changing. He now has the successful independent sleep skills and habits to carry with him as he grows and it makes our job much easier if we can get that solidified as early on as we did. I feel like a new person, wife and mom. Our days and nights of struggling to get him to sleep with bouncing rocking feeding , the unpredictability and just not really knowing what to do.. we now have a better understanding of baby sleep and can feel confident in our skills now and no more wondering and feeling helpless and anxious. My old self is coming back and it’s because of you! Thank you x 1000. Best decision I made. :-)

Sarah, Nick, and baby Americo

This is our second time working with Diane and once again it was a great experience with an amazing outcome! This time we contacted Diane before our baby was born so we could work on proper sleep routines form the beginning. We didn’t want to loose as much sleep as we did the first time around and it was a success! We started gentling working with Manya’s sleep when she was just 5 weeks old and to our amazement she was able to fall asleep in her crib by herself with little to no crying. At 12 weeks we had a baby girl sleeping 12 hours though the night, really you can’t ask for anything more. We were thrilled. Then continuing to work with Diane Manya started napping for 1-2 stretches during the day. We now have an extremely happy, smilie, well rested girl and we couldn’t be happier. We would recommend Diane and the newborn sleep package to everyone. Thanks again Diane!


My husband and I cannot thank Diane enough for the incredible support she was to our family as we worked together to re-teach our daughter how to sleep again. Our story begins with our two-year old girl jumping out of her crib. To prevent her from injuring herself, we removed the outside wall of her crib with the hopes that she would learn to stay in her bed and sleep through the night. After months of trying every which way without any success, we found Diane when we were at an emotional and physical low. Diane saw us through several months of transitioning our little one back to a crib, instituting a sleep plan that involved bath-, bed-, night-, and naptime routines, and learning how to approach situations that arise in a loving, yet firm and positive, way. Her patience, enthusiasm, understanding, dedication, and compassion were extraordinary. We are now able to approach sleep with confidence, and we continue to be extremely grateful to Diane for helping all of us sleep soundly, and thereby improving our emotional and physical health. The only thing we would change is starting to work with Diane much, much earlier! We thank Diane for a life-changing experience, which has been both empowering and lasting.

Stephanie, Tom, and Clara

My husband and I contacted Diane at Sound of Sleep Consulting Services when our son was almost five months old and was still waking up every 1-2 hours per night. I started to feel chronic exhaustion and I couldn’t function properly during the day due to the lack of sleep. My son was also very cranky and always seemed tired every day. I was truly concerned that he could not develop properly due to his poor sleep habits. The first day we met with Diane, she came to our home and patiently explained to us the customized plan she had created to help improve our son’s daytime and nighttime sleep. In less than two weeks our son went from waking up every 1-2 hours per night to waking up for a single feed from 7pm until 7am. Diane would answer all of my questions via email the same day and continued providing support through phone calls. My son’s naps have also improved tremendously as he is now able to have two naps that last 1-2 hours and a third shorter nap in the late afternoon. My husband and I can’t thank Diane enough for her ongoing support during the two weeks she worked with us. She gave us the tools and strategies to help our son learn how to fall asleep on his own and we are all so much more rested now!

Alexandra, Mom to Emilio

Almost six months had passed, and each morning I would waken up sandwiched between my 3 and 4 year old boys with no husband in sight. It wasn't enough that it had taken 1 hour to get them to sleep the night before, they just wanted me and were in the habit of getting it. I wanted my life back and my husband back into his own bed! Desperately, I contacted Diane. I was given a schedule that would take approximately 3 weeks. It now has been three weeks, and I cannot begin to explain how different life is for us as a family. We are now able to kiss our boys goodnight and leave the room right away. My husband and I have our evenings back and can enjoy a glass of wine together, and the best part is, wakening up with no kids in our bed! Everyone is rested and content. Thank you Diane. From one who was truly too tired and exhausted to think it even possible, you are amazing!

Judith - Ireland

I thought I knew what to do when my 2nd baby girl was born. For the first 6 weeks we called her sleepyhead! But then she came out of the newborn faze and didn't want to go to sleep on her own anymore and nap for no more than 30 mins! I became exhausted as I couldn't rest during the day anymore. The way I used to put my first girl to sleep wasn't working. I was spending hours sitting beside her to keep her asleep and I was missing time with my first born. I didn't want this to continue as I knew babies can sleep better, they just need to be guided or taught, but I didn't know what else to do!So I called Diane to my rescue! She came to our house and gave us a straightforward guide on what to do and when. It was exactly what I needed as I was getting really frustrated with the daytime naps. My baby was a great sleeper at night but with Diane's advice on routine at bedtime, my baby continues to sleep through the night at 8 weeks! Yes... she sleep 9 to 12 hours straight a night!Don't wait to get help. Moms don't need to be exhausted when they have newborns. I knew improving her sleep would also improve my health and recovery.

Danielle (Mom to Baby M)

"By the time I contacted Diane, my little Evalyn was almost 4 months old and would only sleep on my chest all night. After hours of nursing and fighting with her to go to sleep every night, I would shimmy myself into my bed with her on top of me and she would nurse off and on all night long. During the day she was napping either in her swing or in my wrap carrier. I should mention she is not my first, or my second, but my third baby. Sleep has always been my mommy Achilles heel. When people would ask if I was getting any sleep (which is always the first question you get asked when you have a baby), I would hold back a sneer, smile and say "no, not really." Then quietly wonder if sleeping through the night was really a thing lol. I have never been able to handle the sound of my infants crying, it stresses me out to the max, and so I just did whatever it took to avoid it. This meant 18 months of nursing my first daughter every 45 minutes, and her still needing an adult in the room when she falls asleep, at the age of 7. My second was naturally a bit better sleeper, and I did let her learn to fall asleep on her own but she did this quite easily without much fuss. She continued to wake through the night though, and also still does most nights at the age of 4. I knew things weren't going to change with Evalyn's sleep on their own, (my first baby was a good indication of this) and I also knew I couldn't continue living the way I was living. I didn't have time to do anything with my other two children or my husband. I was missing them, and also worried about Evalyn, because I could tell she was always over tired. When I called Diane, I was desperate but oh so anxious about how I was ever going to be able to get through "real sleep training". She assured me we'd make it through if I stuck to her plan and that she would help me through the whole process. I'm not going to lie and say it was easy for me, because it wasn't. My little one had many skills to learn during the process and we were asking her to do pretty much the opposite of anything she had ever experienced. But I followed Diane's plan to the letter, and my mantra was "just stick to the plan". Diane provided me with the encouragement I needed and helped me through every step of the process. She stuck with me until Evalyn was sleeping great both day and night and she felt confident that I was feeling good about Evalyn's sleep. I am so grateful that I had Diane's help. I wouldn't have made it through night one if I hadn't, and I would have second guessed everything I was doing. Diane's plan, took all the guess work out, and the results were easy to see on the sleep logs that the plan was working. All I can say, is that having a baby who can sleep independently is pretty much life changing. I have time in the evening for my other two children, my husband and yes even some for myself! Best of all, my baby wakes up rested and smiling."

Crystal, Mom to Evalyn, 5 months

When we first contacted Diane, our 9 month old was co-sleeping and waking 8 times a night. We did read various sleep books and attempted and quit CIO after 3 hours. We could not find a training plan that was effective while causing the least amount of stress and tears for all involved. Hiring Diane was the best decision that we have made! Within the first 24hrs, night waking were cut in half and throughout our time together (and two new teeth) our daughter was sleeping through the night regularly. Her common sense approach combined with her constant support made sleep training less stressful and gave us the tools to tackle time change, disrupted schedules and teething (among other things). If you are considering sleep training and are unsure of the method that is right for your family, we highly recommend Diane as a Sleep Consultant. You will not be disappointed!!!

Ben & Nadia

I finally need to set an alarm in the morning!!! The kids are sleeping so well - in bed at 7:00pmand up at 6:30am, for Ashley, and 7:00am (or later!!) for Everett!! No more grumpy pants when they do get up because they are fully rested and ready to start the day!! I don't think I've been to work on time this week and it's a fantastic feeling!!! The work you do, Diane is truly a gift to families! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


After months of long nights having to rock our baby to sleep and frequent night wakings, a friend recommended Sound of Sleep to us because they had a great experience. We had never heard of sleep training until then but are so glad we decided to move forward with it. Diane is very personable and throughout the process, she was positive, helpful and supportive - we really enjoyed working with her. Because of sleep training, our 5 month old son can now nap and fall asleep at night on his own without rocking; and self soothe himself back to sleep. On the 3rd night of training, he slept 12 hours through the night - something we didn't think he was capable of. As a couple, we got our evenings back, and as a family, we got our sleep back. We feel great knowing that our son is now getting the quality sleep he needs and can do it on his own. It is by far, the best money we have spent on our baby and ourselves to date. Thank you so much Diane - all the best to you!

Charles & Lisa

Sleep training is not something I would have looked into to be honest. As a new mom I thought feeding my 6 month old son every two hours in the night and sleeping supervised in his swing every nap was normal. He was hungry so I fed him and he had great naps in his swing, so what was the big deal? I was gifted a sleep package from a family member and Diane quickly and efficiently helped me solve the problems I didn't really know I had. I had encouraged my son's bad sleeping habits and accepted the little rest we were getting as "normal."Not only has my son learned self soothing techniques, I'm getting more sleep allowing me to be a better mom for him. Diane is very knowledgeable, professional and kind. In very little time my little guy was sleeping through the night and napping without the need to be rocked. It was truly magical. I am forever greatful. I would recommend her services to anyone. The only thing you have to lose is more sleep!

Well rested mom, Tracy

Diane has really changed our lives! We were at the end of our rope, with countless sleepless nights. We assumed that one of these days our daughter Olivia would magically sleep through the night, like everyone had been telling us. Our daughter was then six and a half months old, waking up every 3 hours, and would maybe take two, thirty-minute naps during the day. Something had to change. We were all exhausted, and our days were really not enjoyable. When Diane found out we were having sleeping difficulties, she was eager to help. Diane asked the right questions and gave us valuable information on how to train our daughter to sleep. It took three days of training and Olivia was sleeping. We are VERY grateful and thankful Diane was there to help. Our daughter, for the most part, sleeps for twelve consecutive hours. I wish I would have known about the program when I was pregnant, because then I would have started the training from the newborn stage. I highly recommend Diane’s expertise to anyone that is pregnant, or is dealing with a baby that simply does not sleep! It will change your life, as it did ours.

Veronique L.

Success!! We have gone from sleeping in the bed with our daughter and multiple night wakings to putting her down to sleep with a kiss and a hug and sleeping the whole night through. A huge heartfelt Thank You to Diane for getting us on this sleep plan and the immeasurable support she has given us to get us to this point. IT WORKS..and now we are all sleeping .

Barb, Steve and Jessica (2&1/2 years old)

I hadn’t slept in 6 months and I never thought my little guy would sleep through the night. I was juggling a 6 month old and a 20 month old and went to bed as soon as they finally went down and had no time in the evenings. I contacted Diane and her sleep plan worked well with our not so traditional open loft room. BEST decision ever! She wanted me to throw the soother away and I didn’t believe it could work since he was so dependent on it. On day 3 he started sleeping through the night and continues to do so.  Both of us are so much happier and well rested. Diane is very supportive, encouraging, and really helped with all the questions and difficult   beginning. She made a tired mommy gain back time to enjoy both special time with her toddler, husband, and have time to herself. I highly recommend Diane.


I recently used Diane’s services to help me with my son. He was almost four months old and he could only nap in his swing during the day and at night he would sleep in his crib but he had to be swaddled. I was up three to four times a night because he would get out of his swaddle and he couldn’t fall back to sleep by himself. Each time I would have to nurse him to sleep and it took a long time. I couldn’t do this anymore so I enlisted Diane’s help. She gave us a specific program that addressed our needs. She gave me emotional support and helped me persevere with finishing the program. Her method worked for my son and me. After two weeks of following her program my son is now napping in his crib, he only gets up once to nurse at night and most important he can fall asleep on his own. Thank you Diane for all your help and for answering all of my questions. Your program is amazing and I would recommend it to any parents that are tired of being tired!

Isabelle, Bruce and Alexander (3.5 months old)

Sleep in our family is the most important thing to get us through our day. We thought we had it all figured out. My first son, who just turned 3, was always a great sleeper. Slept through the night at such a young age. No issues. Along came our little girl two years later. She was up hours and hours through the night. We were lost in what to do. Nothing seemed to work. We were totally exhausted and at the end of our rope. Then, an ad posted on my Facebook wall, from Diane. I was sitting on the couch one morning looking at my Facebook wall and totally exhausted. It was meant to be. I emailed her immediately and she came to our rescue. She developed a sleep plan for my daughter. Within two days, my six month old now sleeps two solid naps and 12 whole hours through the night. This has honestly changed our lives. In just one week! This is the best decision we have ever made! Diane gave us the confidence that teaching any child to self soothe, without sleep props is totally possible. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Kelly & Audrey (6 months old)

“We couldn’t be more happy with the results from our personalized sleep plan provided by Diane. Our son was quite young when we started (4 months) we hadn’t envisioned beginning sleep training that early but events overtook us! Since birth we would swaddle our son and rock him to sleep, it worked great! At 3.5 months our little guy started rolling over and the swaddling had to stop for safety reasons. We tried to get him to sleep without the swaddle to no avail, I thought he would never sleep well again! We turned to Diane who not only provided us with sleep solutions to remove the swaddle she also taught us how to put our son to bed without rocking. All of a sudden we had our evenings back and we didn’t have to worry about our son’s safety! As a mother herself Diane’s support, reassurance and empathy sets her apart from others in her field. We would recommend her to any parent in need of sound advice and expertise.”

Katherine, Jon & Miles (4 months old)

It’s 7:30 pm and both our 3-year-old daughter and 10-month-old son are sleeping peacefully while my husband and I enjoy some well-deserved alone time over a glass of wine. More likely than not, we won’t hear a peep from them until the sun is up and it’s time to wake up for the day. As you know, it was not always like this! It seemed as though our friends’ children all slept through the night from the early days but that was certainly not the case at our house! I remember when we met a few months ago; my husband and I were absolutely exhausted! Our 8-month-old son was still waking 3-4 times a night to feed. In between rocking him to sleep and feeding him, I would lie in bed with my daughter until she finally (FINALLY) fell asleep. I still cannot believe by the 4th night of following the custom plan you created for him, I was able to place him in his crib while he was still awake and leave the room! I did not think it was going to happen with him! He just rolled over and went to sleep! That’s when we knew we needed to work together to address the needs of our daughter, who could usually be found awake until 9:00 pm and then creeping into our bed most nights! The custom plan for our daughter was also extremely successful and I’m so impressed with your ability to pinpoint several issues right away that were contributing to her problematic sleeping. I love that we had regular communication so we could troubleshoot. Your willingness to help via email came in handy several times and I always looked forward to our “debriefs” on the phone. I also appreciated the fluid nature of the sleep plan so that it could be altered over time where necessary. I honestly would have had such difficulty if I was using some sleep book for example. It’s not the same as literally having an expert available to support, help, encourage and troubleshoot. You were able to determine very quickly the issues that were contributing to the sleep dilemma over here! Thank you so much for your respectful treatment of our family, your support and encouragement, your reminders to stay consistent, and most of all—the greatest gift—showing us how to give our children great sleep skills for life!! I mean this when I say we could not have done this without you. You have helped us carve out “us” time again and we are tremendously grateful! I would not hesitate to recommend ANY parent who needs more sleep to work with you!

The Neal Family (Asher 8 months old, Adele 3.5 years old)

I am so grateful to Diane for her guidance and support in sleep training our daughter. I was exhausted – a walking zombie! I had never regained my sleep from my first child (who is now 4.5 and still wakes throughout the night!), so when baby number two came along – I was in a constant fog – too tired to function properly. My daughter was waking every 1-2 hours throughout the night, and would typically only take 20 minute cat naps during the day. She napped in my arms, in a baby carrier, car seat or swing – but never in her bassinet. Diane was a guest speaker at a fit mom exercise group I had joined.  When I first heard her tips and that babies as young as 3 months can sleep through the night – I thought “ya right!” The very thought of my baby sleeping through the night brought tears to my eyes. After speaking with Diane and learning more about her techniques and the value of teaching a baby how to sleep, I decided to give it a try. Working with Diane was the best decision we made – not only for our daughter, but for our whole family. Diane was very patient and listened well.  She put together a customized, comprehensive plan for us to follow for two weeks. She was very supportive through out the process.  It wasn’t always easy and it took absolute dedication, but her phone calls and encouragement kept us on track. I was co-sleeping with our daughter and it just wasn’t working for us.  Diane helped greatly with the transition into her crib in her own room. By the end of the two weeks my 6 month old daughter was sleeping through the night (sometimes as long as 13 hours!) and having good long naps through out the day. Our daughter wakes happy and actually seems to enjoy going to bed! I really never thought it would be possible! I now have time to relax in the evening. I am getting my sleep back at night and am able to get things done during the day. Its amazing! I would recommend Diane to anyone who needs help with sleep. Her help has really changed our lives. We will be working with Diane again to help our 4.5 year old sleep through the night in his own bed.  I look forward to having her by our side for this next challenge.
You will not regret making the decision to finally get some rest by way of working with Diane. When she says customized approach she means it…. After filling out an extensive list of questions Diane pin pointed a few minor tweaks and on day two our son went from 1-2 night wakings to sleeping through the night. He also went from taking multiple short naps to two long, restful naps. It has been over a month with no looking back. I can’t tell you how wonderful I feel to be rested and the difference this has made for our family. Even grandparents comment now on how easy it is to put our son to sleep allowing us a night out ourselves every once in awhile. Diane is gentle and realistic, she is prompt with responses even by email and most importantly you get the feeling she genuinely wants to help. One last thing…. This past weekend I heard my husband (who was a self admitted “sleep consultant skeptic”) tell a friend that working with Diane was “totally worth it every penny”. Thanks again Diane!

The Hallam Family

Before I contacted Diane, a 3 hour stretch between a waking was considered a good stretch of sleep, naps were unpredictable and my son relied on a soother or nursing to go to sleep.  After working with Diane, we can now kiss my 6 month old son goodnight, awake and all smiles as he falls asleep on his own and we relax into the evening. My son took the full two weeks to settle into his sleep plan but Diane gave us the support, knowledge and reassurance that we needed to help our little one learn to sleep independently. I couldn’t believe how quick she was to respond to any question I had about his sleep plan and she adapted his plan along to way to meet my son’s needs.  She really took the time to listen and understand our son’s sleep difficulties and any challenges that popped up along the way. Our son now sleeps through the night, takes restful naps during the day and better yet, we feel confident to know that he has the skills to sleep independently when upsets like, colds or teething come our way! Thanks to Diane, bedtimes are enjoyable and we now have uninterrupted time to ourselves in the evening!

Hannah rested parents of 6 month old

I am so happy that I made the call to Diane at sound of sleep. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone experiencing sleep issues with their babies or children. Diane was recommended to me by another mother who experienced success with her sleep training methods and I am so happy we did it. My daughter is finally getting the sleep she needs and is happier during the day and I have my sanity back after dealing with endless nights and days of her fighting sleep. Diane was more than supportive through the entire process, answering my seemingly endless emails and questions. If I need to I would definitely use her again. We are so thankful for her services.

Dawn and Laila (4 months old)

Diane has been a tremendous help in getting our 5 year to sleep in his own bed. Our son has always had difficulty sleeping from the day he was born. The only way he would fall asleep is if one of us would lay in bed with him, and quite often end up sleeping with him for the night. He wakes numerous times through out the night and if alone in bed, he would quickly find his way into our room and into our bed. After our second baby was born, it got even worse and our son would not sleep in his room at all. After nearly 8 months of him sleeping in our room we decided to get some help. We enlisted Diane’s services for our six month old baby first. We were amazed by the results and couldn’t wait to have her help again with our son. Due to our son’s many fears, we weren’t sure what to expect, and wondered if we would ever have our bed to ourselves again. Diane was amazing!  She provided us with a step by step plan – customized just for us that would be a gradual, but effective strategy to help our son conquer his fears and teach him to fall asleep by himself. My son loves following the charts she gave him and was really encouraged by her to try his hardest. We realized that having someone on the outside to keep all of us on track was the key to his success. After three weeks, we can now say good night to our son and leave the room. He has learned the valuable gift of how to fall asleep himself and put himself back to sleep when he wakes during the night.  We are amazed by the results and so proud of our son!  We not only have our bed back, but we also have the evenings to enjoy! We are so grateful for Diane’s help in achieving this! I would definitely recommend her services!

Susan (rested mom to Jeremy, 5 years old)

I want to thank you for helping us in so many ways. We followed the sleep plan you made for Nora for the recommended 2 weeks to a T. No cheating! After 2 nights she sleeps 11 hours overnight and after about 10 days naps have improved. As I write this 4 weeks later she continues to sleep beautifully overnight and has consistent long naps as well. Being so well rested had made us more patient with our toddler which he so very deserves, it has given me energy to start exercising in the evenings knowing that I will get a good night sleep and has made the whole household a much happier place. Due to Nora’s new self soothing skills she also is happier in her car seat and the car. I’ve already recommended you to a few of my friends with newborns and will continue to do so for everyone I meet who isn’t sleeping well. From the bottom of my heart thank you for your support.

One well rested and happy Mommy & Nora (6 months old)

For ten months, we battled with sleepless nights and did everything we could do to make it through the day with such little sleep. Finally we had decided that enough was enough and enlisted Diane’s help. I’ll admit, we were skeptical. What could someone who doesn’t know our little guy possibly have to offer us? We figured our little guy was so set in his ways that it was never going to change. Well, I am so incredibly pleased to say that we were wrong, so wrong. Right away we noticed results and within 4 days, we had a full night of sleep in. That’s right, our son who had not slept more than 4 hours at a time (if we were lucky), is now sleeping all night including two amazing hour and half naps during the day. Diane is supportive and really helps you stick to it, even when you are ready to give up. Thank you Diane, we now have our lives back, time for our daughter and time for ourselves.

Two Rested Parents

When my second baby turned 3.5 months, I was hoping he would start to sleep better, however, he was still waking up about 2-4 times a night. My first child started to sleep better at 7-8 months and through the night at 10-11 months. I felt that it would be the same with this second baby and that if I wanted to see a change, I had to do something about it. There was no point in waiting for the miracle night! I found a mention of Sleep Sense in a book about children’s sleep, which eventually led me to Diane’s website. Talking to her on the phone, then meeting with her and reading the sleep plan made me feel more confident. I felt I knew what I had to do and that I was not alone. My baby learned to fall asleep on his own quickly. After 2-3 nights, he slept 11 hours at night in a row! I truly believe that babies need to learn to fall asleep independently and Diane helped to quickly make that a reality for us. Working with Diane was one of the best decision I have ever made! She is simply amazing. She is very competent and knowledgeable, optimistic, professional and very supportive. She was there with us 100%. I would not have been able to do it by myself. I would have doubted myself all the time and I would not have been consistent. Diane was there to keep me on track and gave me great advice. Now both baby and I are sleeping well and the days are much more enjoyable. Sleep makes all the difference! With deep appreciation from a rested happy mother and baby. Gatineau, QC.

Parents in Gatineau

Before contacting Diane we were getting up 4-5 times a night to rock our 6 month boy back to sleep. We though he needed us to fall back to sleep. It was getting harder and harder to get him to sleep and we were all feeling worn out. Diane created a sleep plan for our little boy and helped us stick to it even through a few rough nights. By the end of our 10 days with Diane our boy was sleeping 10-11 hours through the night and so were we! The whole family has been much happier and well rested. I would encourage other families out there to use Diane. At first I thought we had failed because we needed help, but working with Diane we learned that sleeping is a skill your baby needs to learn. Diane was great to work with and I would recommend her to any family out there wanting a full night sleep. We wish we would have contacted her sooner!


Diane has brought an easiness (yes, EASY!) to our family that we never dreamed possible with a 2.5 year old toddler and 4 mos old baby. Her plan accommodated our family’s needs and expectations and the results have been amazing!  No more soother, no endless rocking/nursing baby to sleep, no shhhing our toddler constantly and no more babywearing naps has been liberating! I am so pleased to not only have a bedtime rhythm that I can manage solo, but also quality time with our toddler while baby naps, and have been able to maintain a strong supply while exclusively breastfeeding.  There is a definite sense of calmness to our days that definitely wouldn’t have existed had we not hired Diane to help us reach our youngest to sleep independently  We are all well rested, relaxed, and finally able to just enjoy our girls!  I am forever grateful for Diane’s expertise and support, and I am so happy I didn’t wait to hire her! 
"After three long months of holding our baby around the clock for her to sleep, my husband and I were at our wit's ends. We felt we had tried everything to get her to sleep and navigating the myriad of advice on the Internet, sleep books and well meaning friends only left us more exhausted and extremely confused. Buying a sleep package from Sound of Sleep was hands down one of the best purchases we have ever made in our lives. Diane was extremely knowledgeable, patient and understanding as we worked through the sleep plan and was always available when we needed clarification or just some moral support. We really appreciated that the plan was tailored to our unique situation and was adaptable to our feedback. By the second night, our daughter fell asleep independently with limited night wakings and just a few short weeks later, we put her down in the evening and wake up to big smiles 12 hours later!My husband and I use to feel like two ships passing in the night as we took shifts bouncing on an exercise ball in the dark while our daughter slept on us in her baby carrier. Now, we get to enjoy our evenings together and can enjoy sleep (oh sweet, precious sleep!!) in our bed. We wake the next morning energized and ready to enjoy a day with our beautiful baby girl. I feel like I can be a better mother to her now that I am rested and get a bit of time to myself.I am forever grateful to Diane for teaching our daughter how to sleep and am so pleased that we taught her this skill at such a young age. The difference this has made to our family is immeasurable! Thank you!!"

Rested Mom to Baby "V" (3 months old)

"When we found out we were pregnant with our second child 4 years following our first, I vowed I would do things differently with regards to sleep training. With our first (Emma), we eventually found our way through google searches, books, trial and error and lots of unnecessary tears. It was challenging to say the least and to be honest, when we finally decided to try for a second, the challenges we encountered with Emma’s sleep quickly resurfaced and was cause for anxiety. Sophia wasn’t even born yet and I was already dreading having to tackle sleep. We knew how important this was - not only for everyone’s sanity but for her own development (I may or may not have prayed the sleep Gods..don’t judge me). However, I was reassured by one thing or should I say, one person - Diane. I was lucky to have met Diane a few years ago and through conversation, I found out she was a sleep consultant. Therefore, when Sophia was born, I was relieved knowing that support was available should we need it (I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that the sleep Gods fell a little short on my prayers ha!)Sophia was born on September 8th, 2017 and Emma (4 years old), adjusted pretty well all considering. However, the dynamics had changed considerably. Emma no longer had mommy to herself and rare were the moments where I could provide her with undivided attention. It became especially challenging when my husband was away (he’s a pilot so he’s gone half the month). Emma would come home from school and she would crave my attention or need something and I would be either nursing or trying to put Sophia to sleep. It’s not that Sophia was a bad sleeper per say, but she couldn’t fall asleep without my help i.e rocking, bouncing, pacifier. Once she was asleep I had to wait until I thought she was in a deep sleep before I could put her down, if not, I had to sart all over again grrrrrr!!!. Timing was everything and bus times were especially challenging!! And although I saw Emma every day, I missed her terribly. Therefore, given the aforementioned, it was paramount that I set a good foundation early on with Sophia. I knew once Sophia could fall asleep independently for her naps and at bedtime, my world would become much more manageable and both my girls would benefit tremendously.When Sophia turned 3 months, we decided it was time.. Diane provided us with a 2 week plan and a step by step guide towards our sleeping goals. Diane was there every step of the way, invested in our daughter' success as much as we were. I cannot tell you how nice it was not having to come up with a plan on our own, second guessing whether or not it was the right one. All we had to do is follow Diane’s lead and be consistent. Even though we’d been through this once before, it was nice to know we had support this time around. Diane was always available for questions should we have any and she kept a close eye on Sophia’s sleep log where she provided words of encouragement and helpful tips.After a the first 2 days, I was already claiming success!! Oh sure there were times when she cried when we put her down but it usually only lasted a few minutes and she woud fall asleep…ON.HER.OWN. It was so much easier than with our first!! Oh sure, temperment and perhaps our experience played a role; however, I believe the key was Diane. Her knowledge and expertise meant our success was fast tracked by ten folds!!! This little monkey goes to bed at 1800hrs and will very often sleep 12 hours without needing to be breastfed!! And when she does wake up, she will feed and often times she will go back to bed for another few hours…unbelievable!! On average she will sleep 12 and 14 hours with 1 feed. It’s amazing the “free” time I have now to do all the other chores that need to be done! Annnnnddd, I get to spend some quality time with Emma :)Moral of the story, if you are having issues with your little one’ sleep, please consider enlisting Diane’s help. You won’t be disapointed and you WILL get results. There is no way my husband and I would have considered spending Christmas with our family in Quebec city had Sophia not been sleep trained. For the most part she did amazing! I was actually able to enjoy the festivities with everyone and have my turckey dinner while it was hot LOL!!! Ahhhhh it’s the little things… ;0)Diane, thank you again for all of your help!!! We are one very grateful family and this little monkey wakes up with the biggest smile on her face every single morning :0)"

-Suzanne, Dave, Emma & Sophia (12 weeks old)