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Two Great Tips to Help Your Child Nap

Two Great Tips to Help Your Child Nap

For many parents, putting their children down for daytime naps can become quite a challenging task. So I want to discuss what causes the natural resistance to daytime sleep, as well as how to overcome it.First, we all have what is called a circadian rhythm, which is our internal body clock of daytime alertness and night time sleep. Everyone’s circadian rhythm takes natural dips throughout the day. Do you ever feel tired in the afternoon, after lunch…?! These are normal times of day where our circadian rhythm makes us feel more sleepy!Naps are extremely important for children. The better the nap is during the day the better they will sleep at night. However, they aren’t always as ready for a nap as they are ready to sleep at bedtime, because their natural body clock isn’t always behind it.  This is where a consistent schedule with set times for naps can help to settle down their internal clock.

Another naptime nemesis is light. Again our bodies are designed to respond to light and dark.  When it is dark, melatonin (the sleepy hormone) kicks into our system and helps us to sleep through the night. However, melatonin isn’t very present during the day and therefore does not aide our babies’ sleep at nap time.  So here’s a tip:

  1. Make the bedroom dark for nap times.  I promise that there is no danger that your little one will get confused between day and night!  Black out blinds, hanging a blanket, even using tin foil are all great for placing over the windows to make it as dark as possible to create a great napping environment.

Also, during the day children love spending time with their favourite people – mom and dad – as well as playing, learning, exploring, and it’s hard to turn that off to go to sleep. They would rather say “no thanks” to the nap and “I’m happy doing this!” So here is tip number two:

  1. Create a naptime routine. This breaks the connection with play, and cues the mind and body that nap time is coming next. A simple 10 minute routine would be; diaper change and story, and make sure that you do the same predictable thing every time before nap!

Naps can take some time to establish but by staying consistent with these tips your little one will become a superstar napper in no time!
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