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Hi! I am Diane Dauphinais, married, with two young, wonderful children. As you have found my site, I know that you or someone you care about is suffering from sleepless nights and the inability to focus during the day. I want to assure you that with some guidance, you and your family will be able to enjoy restful nights and happier days.My passion for pursuing sleep consultation began after the birth of our second child. We certainly expected to be tired and up for nightly feedings, but fatigue ruled our lives. Our son, unlike his older sister, was still up every hour and a half at four months of age.Exhaustion and frustration motivated us to engage the services of a Sleep Consultant, and our lives changed dramatically. Starting the first night, our son was able to fall asleep by himself and immediately began taking regular naps. Within a couple of weeks he was sleeping through the night and so were we!We were thrilled, and normalcy reigned. Our daughter is able to have her own time with us, and my husband and I have our evenings together. Our son is happier and so is the rest of our family! The total success of this venture motivated me to share this knowledge with others.After this experience, becoming a professional pediatric sleep consultant began in earnest through the renowned sleep expert Dana Obleman, founder of the Sleep Sense™ Program. I am honoured to be mentored by Dana and excited to share her no-nonsense sleep solutions with parents who are struggling with their child’s sleep issues.


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