This has been a difficult time for many, especially children. Not only have our lives changed dramatically, theirs have as well. They are especially sensitive to the tension and stress parents are experiencing, which means they may feel more drained, and certainly more tired. Prioritizing sleep is essential for your children and family right now. Below I share four main reasons they need sleep, and what initial steps we can take to keep routines and sleep schedules on track during this time.

Children thrive with routines

Children thrive with routines, and truthfully, we all do. Even with most activities, schools and businesses closing, together with our social distancing, we can do something. We can control healthy habits, especially sleep. In a world that is feeling uncertain, having bedtime routines in place enables children to feel safe, secure, and rested. For example, if children usually go to bed at 7:30 P.M. and wake at 6:30 A.M. then stick with a similar schedule now. I also recommend eating together at regular mealtimes and maintaining a general weekday schedule. Keep a more relaxed weekend schedule for children and the entire family.

Sleep is crucial for their health

Proper sleep hygiene allows children to have better focus, improved energy, and boosts their immune system. Right now, focus on what you can do in terms of honouring healthy habits. We likely have more time than ever before, to eat more healthy, drink lots of water, and honour our sleep. Many children know we are trying to keep our bodies healthy right now. Have a simple conversation about how honouring our sleep is going to help with this, and make sure that you are doing this for yourself as well. Children will learn to value sleep when they see their parents doing this for themselves.

Use a Sleep Meditation

For additional help with sleep, there are some free online resources for children and parents. We have used these in our home.

  • Calm is a free online meditation App that offers support during this time.
  • Elaine Martin also shares some amazing sleep stories for children. I am a huge fan of her work!

Where to start

Implement a bedtime routine for your child starting tonight. If things have fallen off track with the whirlwind that has affected all of us in the world, just create a plan to begin now. Here is one example of a typical bedtime routine for children over the age of three years.

Step 1: Decide on a bedtime.

  • Anywhere between 7 P.M. – 8:00 P.M. is ideal for most children.
  • Plan your dinner time and evening to ensure this time works. Tip: Give yourself a 15-minute buffer when considering your schedule to allow for more time.

Step 2: Create a bedtime routine together.

  • Create a visual chart for them to use!

Step 4: Enjoy this time.

  • Now more than ever before, is the time to connect, slow down, and be present with children.

Step 5: Do your best.

  • The night before, plan the next day, re-evaluate, and make changes. Allow your child to explore different options or ideas for tomorrow.

If you have any questions about getting proper sleep for your child or yourself, I encourage you to schedule a FREE consultation here.

Wishing you and your families the very best in sleep and health as we navigate through this time together.

Sleep well,



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