There is always so much discussion and fear about the 4-month sleep regression. I typically hear from tired parents facing this challenging time, wondering about what to with their once perfect sleeper now waking several times in the night! Read more about why this can happen with my best tips.

  1. Why is it happening? Your baby is now entering into a new developmental stage where sleep routines that may have been working in the past such as feeding, or rocking to sleep is no longer effective as they grow older.
  • Tip: Try putting your baby asleep drowsy, yet awake at 4 months of age instead so that they can begin to develop a self-soothing skill. This will enable him to fall asleep more independently and become more familiar with falling asleep in his crib, so that he is no longer dependent on movement or feeding to get to sleep.
  1. How can I avoid it? Make sure to have healthy sleep hygiene in place at approximately 12 weeks of age.
  • Tip: Begin a bedtime routine, keep the nursery dark, and watch for sleepy cues after approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour of awake time. This will ensure there is healthy sleep foundation in place early on, reducing the chance of a regression as your baby gets bigger.
  1. What else should I consider? If you are unsure if it is a sleep regression, it is recommended to check in with your baby’s Pediatrician or Doctor to ensure your baby is feeling well and that there is nothing more serious that needs to be addressed.
  • Tip: Check in with a Sleep Consultant. I welcome you to schedule a complimentary consultation with me here if you are looking for more ideas on your baby’s current sleep routines and to learn how if I can help you resolve it. It is never too late to create healthy and happy sleep habits for your baby and your family!

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